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The Waffling Taylors Podcast

The official podcast of the Waffling Taylors is final here!

We discuss all things video gaming, and tend to waffle on (or go on extreme tangents) whilst we do.

Jan 1, 2019

This is just a special project that I've been working on.

The real star of this show is Squidgey, sure Jay/GaProgMan is there too, but Squidgey is the reason you all come back and listen to the show. So I (Jay) thought I'd put together a little thing to celebrate Squidgey's presence.

The following folks are in this...

Dec 28, 2018

Part three of a multi part, end of year spectacular is all about Spooptober. We discuss all things spoopy in our late Spooptober special episode. Because that's the way to end a year of episodes, right?

As this is an episode about scary, creppy, and horror based games please feel free to skip this episode if you think...

Dec 21, 2018

Part two of a multi part, end of year spectacular is a rip roaring adventure with G and The B back in the Technodrome. Everything gets a bit weird, as I completely miss the point of the Harley Quinn character.

Full show notes can be found here:


Dec 14, 2018

Part one of a multi part, end of year spectacular. We brought G and The B (and a few other mystery guests) into the Technodrome for our end of year special. Stick around as we discuss all things gaming, and a few things in the way of movies.

Full show notes are available at:

Nov 23, 2018

Part three of our special episode with Unaffiliated JZ contains discussions on the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake, the board game, stupid character names, and much more.

All of this, and more in episode 26 of the Waffling Taylors podcast: Unaffiliated JZs Kinda Party

Be sure to check out the full show notes, which are...